This woman is phenomenal. …I recommend her to everyone…

She is so amazingly accurate – give it a try…

You have an amazing gift…

You are amazing lady!  I love the path you are on. Keep It going


3 cards spread with a crystal matching (From Lynn, USA )

I wanted to share my experience with Natalia. My first impression when I visited her Facebook page, Raw Intuition, was warm, friendly and inviting. I chose to have a simple three card reading with a matching crystal. My reading was accurate, helpful and exciting. Especially about my health. Natalia was encouraging and more than accurate about my career and creative goals. She helped me gain my courage and confidence to follow a part of my dreams that I was confused about. I will be getting more readings from her in the future, I truly recommend this lovely lady and the services she offers.

Words can not express the gratitude I am feeling for the reading you just did. It really helped me rephrame the past in a loving way and understand why I am doing some of the things I am doing in regards to always looking back or taking border-line permenent vacations in memory lane. This was very encouraging and it validated that I am on the right path. Plus the reminder to always put love of self first is always helpful. Thank you again. And you can use this to put on your website as a testimony. Thank you for making yourself available to the divine messages pouring through.Blessings

From Avery Joy, Australia
I love that Natalia’s reading was very gentle kind and loving. I have had accurate readings done before, but still ended up feeling bad from the readers energy.
Her reading of my personality was spot on, and that made me feel “seen”. A rare gift in this world.
A lot of what she said verified my own feelings I’d had on certain issues. Some things obviously I won’t understand until they are manifested. However the reading verified to me that I am on the right path, and I feel energized to continue. I felt a connection with Natalia, and that was awesome also. I have already recommended her to my friends, and will not hesitate to have readings done in the future as other things may come up in my life.
  • Wow. Very on the mark. You are so sweet. Thank you for that. There is so much truth there. That is awesome. I wanted to say thank you again for my reading this morning. This was the second one I have received from you, and just like the first, you were spot on. Twice now you have been an answer to a prayer. You have an amazing gift and I feel so blessed that you shared it with me (Cassandra, USA)
  • Ahhh, so much of this rings true. I have been feeling out of focus and a little off kilter spiritually for a month or so now, wasn’t exactly sure why until now. Thank you and much love to you (Simone, USA)
  • Your amazing. Thank you, you’ve really lifted my spirit
  • I wanted to say thank you again for my reading this morning. This was the second one I have received from you, and just like the first, you were spot on. Twice now you have been an answer to a prayer. You have an amazing gift and I feel so blessed that you shared it with m
  • Thank you so much your reading was amazing! (Nicole, USA)
OMG, thank you so much, this is beautiful. You are so accurate. Thank you for your gifts.
Trinity, USA
Thank you. I resonate with this and the art is beautiful as a Taurus I appreciate the aesthetic but more the message conveyed truly thank you have a blessed week. I also want to say the card highly connected to.me because I have been wanting to have another child its been.heavily on my mind last 2 months but what I am.birthing right now is new,art projects and poetry thank you it was a card that aligned with my situation
Sonia, USA
Wow!! That’s awesome! Thanks you so so much. I’m actually looking for a new job, as the one I’m in has become less real and not creative enough! Your words touched me and made so much sense! Thanks again
Tammy, USA
Thank you so much. So beautiful. I was feeling very overwhelmed and unsure of my choices regarding working and my children. I needed this. You are the best! Thank you so much. I can’t tell you how much better I feel
Thank you so much for your reading. I’m needing at the moment to heal myself and been feeling and needing to go to my little special place by the river to swim and do some healing, it always cleanses me emotionally. I never thought to be able to heal others but always there giving advice. Thank you once again and love the mystic mermaid


Intuitive Crystal Matching’ session review from Maria, Cyprus

I would strongly recommend Natalia (Raw Intuition). She was amazing and helped me a lot to face my problem. She gave me a lot of advice and showed me how I could solve my own problems, asked me a lot of useful questions, listened to me carefully. I could feel her here next to me, although we did it through internet, she was absolutely with me. I had a lot of therapy before, but nobody cared so much as she did, and really cared about me and was absolutely present with me with my problem, she took my problem as it was her problem, she understood my problem clearly and tried with all her energy to help me solve it, but not for me, but with me together. I felt her warmth. She asked me exactly the questions which when I answered I found the correct way with her help, talking to her and explaining her, she was listening carefully to my every words. She chose the right crystals for my problem and me in general, and I felt very calm. I became much happier after the session, and I can now feel I am on my right way!!! THANK YOU VERY MUCH! I felt LOVE and PEACE from her the whole time, and I trusted her. It was wonderful, she didn’t watch the time, and she spent the time with me that I needed, I felt amazing and relaxed and I could tell anything what I feel, think and believe. She was very understanding and kind with her love and calmness. I felt that I could tell her anything and she would understand even with fewer words! You helped a lot!


Intuitive guidance session – Holly, USA

First I must say that I don’t think that I have ever been so understood by another person before. I had teared up a few times reading your message at the overwhelming amount of time you have taken to help me. A complete stranger. I am Very grateful so thank you! You seem to know a lot about me and strangely I don’t feel as surprised as my mind was anticipating. You literally marked me to exactly how i am. Wow. by the way, i think you just changed my life. Thank You

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