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I work with traditional Tarot decks and also Oracle and Angel cards depending on your requirements and my intuitive inclination at the time. Each reading comes with more than just a reading of cards. It comes with intuitive information and deeper interpretation of the energies around you at the time I do the reading. I incorporate psychology and spiritual aspects into my interpretations and recommendations, therefore providing a more holistic and rounded experience. It goes further than just a spread and interpretation, which means you get a lot more information than you would normally do from a Tarot reading. With each reading I tune into you and interpret everything that comes in at that point. My card readings are intuitive in nature and unique to each individual.
All my Tarot readings are online. I do a reading and present information to you in a written document for you to keep and refer to.  The beauty of written readings is that not only you can keep a copy for your records, but you can read the message again and again and really take your time with the information.
  • Goddess Guidance Reading (1 card) – a very popular general message reading, beautiful cards & empowering messages regarding your own inner beauty and qualities and what might be needed for a successful outcome of a challenge you are experiencing
  • Archetypal Tarot Reading (1 card) – a deep & powerful reading with an important message on your journey using Major Arcana cards
  • Angel Tarot Cards (1 card)  – lovely traditional cards, which are vibrant with energy and deeper meanings. One of my most favourites

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  • Message from the Universe (3 cards) using traditional Tarot deck depicting Past, Present & Future with one aspect or a general reading to evaluate your correct state, what needs attention and where you are going/the outcome
  • Life Purpose Reading (3 cards) using one or two decks
  • Romance/Relationship Reading (3 cards) using The Romance Angels Oracle Cards. A popular reading, wonderfully revealing based on specific questions
  • Health/Healing Reading (3 cards) safe and powerful reading about your health and well-being and also tapping into your own healing potential/powers
  • Animal Wisdom Tarot (3 cards) – wonderful cards with messages from animal spirits, based on a traditional deck. Provides guidance on a situation as well as connects you with the energy of the animal presented
  • Traditional Tarot 3 cards spread applicable to any question or a situation

I can mix and match various decks if I am  called to do so at the time to obtain all the messages that come through and collect all the relevant energy and information for a person


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