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Intuitive Guidance Session (live)

Many people contact me when they face challenging situations. Often many confusing and overwhelming feelings come with it. People seek clarity and healing. Some bring daily life difficulties, other questions are deeply spiritual in nature. My Intuitive Guidance sessions are interactive. We book a mutually convenient time and I spend half hour to an hour talking to you via messenger tuning into your energetic vibration and answering any questions you might have. I might use Tarot during these sessions, if I am called to, and of course, I use my intuitive sense to provide you with what I feel is important to communicate. Contact me to book a session.
$30.00 half-hour
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$60.00 an hour

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Intuitive Reading (remote)

Intuitive reading can be based on a specific question/s or an issue you wish to address and can include Tarot cards, crystals matching and recommendations, etc. It can also be a general request for a connection and plugging into the universal energy for information. It is an in-depth reading and takes some time. It can also include me scanning your energetic bodies for blockages, doing visualisations, etc. This reading is done with me tuning into your energetic signature remotely, you don’t need to be present or talking, I will do the work and pass on the information to you.


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Tarot Cards Readings

I work with traditional Tarot decks and also Oracle and Angel cards and various spreads depending on your requirements. Each reading comes with more than just a reading of cards. It comes with intuitive information and deeper interpretation of the energies around you at the time. I incorporate psychology and spiritual aspects into my interpretations and recommendations, therefore providing a more holistic and rounded experience. It goes further than just a spread and interpretation, which means you get a lot more information than you would normally do from a Tarot reading. With each reading I tune into you and interpret everything that comes in at that point. My card readings are intuitive in nature and unique to each individual.
  • Goddess Guidance Reading (1 card) – a very popular reading, beautiful cards & empowering messages
  • Archetypal Tarot Reading (1 card) – a deep & powerful reading with an important message using Major Arcana cards

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  • Message from the Universe (3 cards) using traditional Tarot deck depicting Past, Present & Future with one aspect or a general reading to evaluate your correct state, what needs attention and where you are going/the outcome
  • Life Purpose Reading (3 cards) using one or two decks
  • Romance/Relationship Reading (3 cards) using The Romance Angels Oracle Cards. A popular reading, wonderfully revealing based on specific questions
  • Health/Healing Reading (3 cards) safe and powerful reading about your health and well-being and also tapping into your own healing potential/powers
  • Traditional Tarot 3 cards spread suitable for any question or  situation

I can mix and match various decks if I am so called to obtain all the messages that come through and collect all the relevant energy to a reader at the time


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