Intuitive Guidance with Natalia

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I believe I have been waking up to consciousness from early age sometimes through mysterious illness of the body or mind, other times through a crisis of all senses and going into very dark places of my being. When young I have experienced the love of the Divine in a physical manifestation of Earthly love. All of those experiences had been transformative and gifts to me. Intuitive guidance has always been a powerful force walking alongside me. I am here today to share and spread the light of consciousness and help guide through intuition towards a fulfilling experience of being a spiritual being in a physical form. My great belief is in human potential and through developing your own intuitive guidance systems and connecting with the Divine through whichever form you choose will bring much joy and peace into your life. My job is to guide you towards your own light and help you engage with your innate power and magic through intuitive guidance and Tarot amongst other tools. My job is to speak to you through the message of intuitive, symbols and voices of the old, to carry messages of empowerment and light.

  • remote convenient practice wherever you are in the world
  • very quick turn around
  • powerful readings
  • certified Angel Card Reader (trained with Doreen Virtue)
  • flexible and open to everyone whatever your question
  • competitive affordable prices
  • frequent offers and discounts and free readings on my Facebook page
  • natural intuitively gifted practitioner with raw abilities
  • heart-felt open connection with you
  • unique readings using a natural gift of clairvoyance and clairsentience
  • extra offers with every reading
  • I integrate crystal matching in my readings and elements mapping of the personality
  • sensitivity and compassion
  • wide knowledge of transpersonal psychology & Jungian symbolism and dream interpretations
  • very grounded practice in all things natural
  • deeply connected to nature
  • passionate, warm and joyful connection with each client

My Intuitive Guidance Work

I am based in London, UK, but my intuitive readings are done remotely & information sent by email and supplied in writing. I also offer Intuitive Guidance sessions via messenger, which is live where I am online with you talking and tuning in. They vary in the amount of time I spend on each and also on the amount of information that comes through. Once we make contact I will be able to advise on the best reading for you and time required through my intuition. The final decision is, of course, yours and it is your preference which reading you choose. It is flexible in that way, so please contact me with your specific requirements and visit my Services page for more details.

My work is unique and tailored to an individual. All readings are done remotely via email. My schedule is very busy and I found that this way it is easier to assist more people and distance is no issue at all with this work. I am able to tune into energetic vibrations remotely just as well as if you were sitting next to me. Requests are assessed intuitively by me and I advise which reading might work best for your specific situation. If you are unsure what to choose please contact me. You might have a specific question you need guidance with or an overall look at your situation or your life direction overall. My readings include all intuitive information that comes through for you at that moment and I serve as a portal or a channel, if you like, for that information to be transmitted. I pass every detail on to you.

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