Intuitive guidance ignored = self abandonment  dreams-500x319

We hear about self-love more and more these days in a sense that one must give oneself love in order to be able to give out into the world. There is a strong dissonance of energy between giving and receiving in the world generally. Often we are good at giving, but terrible at receiving. Sounds familiar? We have bought into the idea of unquestionable self-sacrifice and understanding receiving as bad, selfish, now allowed, even shameful. What we do is simply abandon ourselves each and every time tricking ourselves into believing we are doing something right. We abandon our own internal system of guidance, which, if only we listened, would move us towards our highest self and our soul’s purpose. We listen to one internal voice, which stems from years of internalised belief that we are bad if we don’t give out fully and we are not good enough if we allow ourselves to receive. By listening to one voice, we ignore another, which is our intuitive guidance of the soul carrying messages of love and compassion. We rationalise why something makes us feel good, something that comes from inside, no, we don’t have time to stop and listen, we must go on with doing and giving and often making ourselves invisible and ill in the process.
This cruel conditioning seems to be ruling so much of our existence and robbing us of health, validation, recognition and sanity. Why is that? when we are all part of one whole, one source of the Divine energy, which is unconditional love, yes, that’s right, YOU are divine and YOU are love, so fill your cup up full and stop emptying it so readily under the illusion that you must do that… Learn to receive in equal measures to giving and rock that sacred Feminine and Masculine like we were meant to. Sounds tough? It seems to be the hardest task for almost all to re-learn self-love, to understand that we can not separate from we are here and they are there. It is all one and we are built from the same material.
On the other side of the dilemma is that our soul’s purpose are abandoned through us abandoning our voice of love, our voice of intuition, we become unwell physically, emotionally, spiritually, because we often look for love, acknowledgement and validation in the wrong places. We look outwards and not inwards, because looking inwards is something we are to re-learn, something we are to get acquainted with all over again, something we knew well when we were born, but through human experience of conditioning we forgot. When in times of despair our soul’s song is not heard, we feel alone and we feel that we might as well not exist.
Divine knows you and building a relationship with it and having a conscious link with your intuitive guidance system are a sure road back to yourself, to the natural state of being as one with it all. Breaking away from chains of our conditioning is tough and in breaking away we break down, but it is in breaking down we find a way towards the light.

Archetypes and Tarot Cards Readings 


Archetypes are energies, which flow and become present through the channel of collective unconscious. They are energies, which enter into our experiences to give us clues to who we are in a multidensional sense and what aspect of ourselves needs attention. It is often interesting through intuitive guidance to observe in another or feel in yourself a certain response or a behaviour, which can somewhat align with a certain archetypal energy. It can be confusing or unclear what is happening and what a course of action should be. Archetypes are powerful forces, which can throw things out of balance unless one focuses on its purpose and directly address their significance in a certain situation or generally in daily interactions.
I have come up with an Archetypal Tarot reading (1 card reading), which can look at archetypes and their attributes, e.g. what mental, emotional, physical and spiritual attributes a certain energy is carrying for the receiver of the reading. We all have an archetypal personality attributes, if you like and we all will have our own distinctive way of thinking, feeling, behaving and being.
In the deck that I use there are 22 Archetypes. We are all part of the whole and I believe in wholeness of each personality. The universal person expresses all 22 Archetypes personality style. Each of us is a mosaic of these characteristics. The way I work is utilising my intuition, which means often when I have a strong feeling I move away from traditional interpretations of some cards (I also include those) and using my intuitive guidance and sense to tap into information, which might be relevant to a person in a particular situation rather than in a general sense and I follow a belief that one aspect would have different interpretations for different people, i.e. no one card has one meaning for all participants, not always. My Tarot readings, therefore, are a combination of traditional interpretations and intuitive information.
Traditionally archetypal cards are read through linking the numbers on an archetype card with corresponding attributes cards – Cups (emotional attributes), World (physical experiences), Crystals (mental attributes) and Wands (spiritual aspects). For example, The Empress III archetype card would correspond with your emotional aspects represented in 3 of Cups (love of creation, Venus, nurturing love, etc.). 3 of Crystals would mean that you possess the mentality of creativity and give birth to ideas, etc. There are links that are made between all attributes in relation to the archetype present for you.
An archetypal Tarot card reading can throw light on what aspects of yourself need attention and what archetypal energies are around you and also where you are in the Fool’s journey in a more traditional sense. Tapping into them can be beneficial to the process you are in currently. The time of year, close to Samhain when the veil between the worlds is thinning is the perfect time for divination on archetypes. To give you an example, this is one of my archetypes which has been around (an elegant Lady – I associate this archetype with the Fortune card). It represents old values and behaviours, rules and moral codes (these are my personal intuitive interpretations). In a wider, more general sense of the card it relates to wealth and opportunity and how I see it and been affected by abundance or the opposite vibration of ‘lack of’.
I hope you find this information interesting and will explore archetypal energies for yourself through Tarot card readings I offer.

Raw Food Lessons


I feel immense gratitude for the lessons I have learnt in the last few years with regards to my health, my ideas of natural versus artificial, my spiritual growth and the importance of healing old patterns and behaviours and most of all the focus on what YOU know is right through intuition, awareness, open consciousness to all things new, exciting and wise.
I was not just unhealthy, I was unhappy. Addicted to cheese and biscuits amongst other things with bad habits playing out their devastating effect in my life every day. Suffering from binge eating and emotional eating trying to cover up the many wounds I was desperately trying to run away from. The message I received one day was ‘ENOUGH’. I knew I had to stop doing what I was doing and start healing. I started drinking green juices and within a week, yes, a week, I was healed of chronic sinusitis, bronchitis, monthly colds, lack of energy and just zero vitality. I was ill every month with no fail even in the midst of summer I would be very ill with a bad cold. All it took was a WEEK, was a very powerful experience for me, which served as a catalyst for all the other changes that followed in my body, in thinking and set a clear path towards my spiritual journey.
A massive clear out started on the emotional level and with the help of therapy and my own healing and self-work I experienced a spiritual awakening only 3 months after that juice fast. The story is long and full of twists and turns, but here are the main RAW lessons I would like to share:
  • Made me aware of my bad habits
  • Healed my unhealthy addictions and I never again used food to anesthetise myself by a way of binge emotional eating
  • I experienced what it was like to feel healthy and not being ill.  I probably had a cold no more than twice in the last few years
  • I experienced huge learning and shifts in my spiritual growth and for the first time I experienced inner PEACE
  • discovered the nurturing aspects of foods and how individual fruit and veg ignite different energies in the body and serve different purpose
  • I learnt to just know what is right for ME
  • I am at peace with the food I consume and allow flexibilit
Do I eat cheese or biscuits now? The answer is yes, I do on occasion, but my relationship with it is no longer distorted. I can relax into enjoying those foods on a rare occasion without being pulled into an unhealthy pattern again, because I carry the necessary knowledge and understanding for me when it comes to consuming various foods. That learning was planted in me by raw foods lifestyle.
Advice – always be consciously aware of what your body needs and listen to what it is asking you for and why? Do not rush, consider your choices. Use your intuition when it comes to messages connected to your well-being and health. One thing is for sure is that if I didn’t stick with my intuition and listening to my own body, I could have gone in so many other different directions, which could have been very unhelpful and even dangerous for me. Beware of the labels, allow flexibility and flow to what you are introjecting in terms of messages from outside world and what you are manifesting as a result. Work from inside out, not the other way around. Flow with your own awareness of what’s needed. Do not be influenced into something that does not feel right to you. This is not about diet or a label or fitting in or being an extremist. It was never about any of it for me. This was always about knowing, learning to expand my awareness and flowing with my intuition creating a reality, which would see me thrive in my health and life in general. These lessons go far beyond the food.
One has to allow an open space for new things to come in, one has to keep conscious awareness vibrant and alive and open for possible lessons to enter and have a chance to unfold. Nothing is rigid, nothing is permanent, if you are called to change direction whether it is a diet, a spiritual path, a lifestyle, please do, because it is only through following that intuitive calling that you can get closer to understanding yourself.

From conscious eating to conscious living

The Spiritual Path
Eating RAW opened up more avenues into healing and consciousness than anything else previously encountered by me in my entire life. The power of a clean body and mind created a space for healing and explanding my spirit. Eating consciously made me pause, contemplate, free up time to observe my emotions and thoughts and ponder on what else is possible. I felt vibrant, still, peacefull and calm for the first time in my life. That is the truth. It started with healing the body and eliminating all symptoms of any illness and conditions I was suffering from for years in a very short period of time. The deeper emotional healing followed and my awareness woke up and started to sharpen. The best thing that ever happened to me! Eating and living consciously is a wonderful way of being where everything and anything is gently observed with no judgment or control and it turned out to be a wonderful navigational tool to my own ‘darker’ places, which needed attention and healing. What followed was the deep connection with other beings on this Earth, animals, birds, plants, water, soil, rain – all things NATURE. It was the opening into my religion, which is nature in all its glory, mystery, wisdom and magical healing and guiding abilities.
I encourage you to start your journey towards living consciously starting with foods you choose to put in your body, which is a beautiful vessel,  a carrier of your precious soul and all of its gifts.
Choose consciousness, choose a different life, a life that you are meant to live.

My thoughts on Juice Fasting 

When referring to fasting, I mean drinking just lemon or coconut water or a combination of both for your chosen duration of time. Another way of fasting or ‘feasting’, as many raw peeps would call it, is drinking only fresh, raw green juices. No solid food.
Fasting is a powerful tool, which can be beneficial in a number of ways. The first useful element of fasting is when, let’s say, you have been suffering from a number of ailments for quite some time and want to get better, but don’t know where to start. You are not sure whether you have allergies/intolerances to food and environment and your general state of health is poor. The first thing to say that if you think that you might have intolerances, you probably have, as trusting your instincts is important and I encourage that. So, if you are lost amongst medication, information, tips and supplements thrown at you forget it all and do a fast for a few days. Give your system a chance to say ‘enough’, ‘stop’, let me rest. It can then consolidate a message for you, which will hopefully encourage a more permanent change. At that moment when your system might be heavily overloaded with medication, processed foods, you body is so tired and confused it is very slow at giving you messages, if at all, so help the body to help you by allowing it freedom to regenerate some energy. My own personal journey to raw started with a fast and I never looked back.
Another use of fasting is when you are eating healthy and exercising regularly yet you occasionally feel ever so slightly sluggish, unmotivated and a bit foggy. You don’t seem to sustain your vibrancy. Do a fast! The aim is to give your digestive system a complete rest, so it can recuperate and consolidate a new lease of energy for you, so you can carry on with whatever your plans are. It is like a kick start, a reboot, if you like. You can do this as often as you like and I know many do that. Some twice a year, others more or less frequently.
Another very important usage of fasting and this is something I do personally, sometimes almost instinctually, is fasting for spiritual reasons. What I mean is when you practice your spirituality, which includes elements like meditation, visualizations, spiritual yoga or other types of  yoga, then fasting brings a higher vibration, i.e. you can feel your personal vibration lifting and your mind clears up letting you go deeper into emotions and other spiritual realms, if that is something you aim to do. When the body is light and buzzing with regenerating energy rather than digesting food, your spiritual energy will naturally be higher. I found using fasting to facilitate a spiritual practice very powerful and joyful.  I always find that messages come through more vibrant, clear and insights are much deeper. It is also a rather beautiful experience physically, I found, you feel like this ball of energetic vibration and strong. Fasting is a common element of many spiritual practices and cultures.
Fasting can be a useful and meaningful addition to your ‘health’ box. I don’t recommend fasting for longer than 5 days personally and found that length of time is usually enough for the message to come through and for symptoms to heal or changes in healing to be noticeable. It can be different for everyone. One important thing to mention is that I never recommend fasting for weight loss or as a diet. No no no. It should all be about health and health only both physically or spiritually.

Raw Foodist cupboard 

So, as you know I am all about lower-fat, fruity, clean high carb way of eating, the simpler the better for me. Another thing is that I am not very much into superfoods, however, those can be useful in preparing your meals and to help you on your journey to vibrant health. I use some of the products in my cupboard now and again, but not regularly. I used them a lot more when I started on this journey. Some of these superfoods are great to jazz up your smoothies and sauces and they can also be used as supplements, if you choose to supplement.
Here is my list:
  • Walnuts
Walnuts have a lot of health benefits (in small amounts) and contain Omega 3 fatty acids, minerals, proteins and lecithin. Compared to other nuts walnuts, as far as I know, have no cholesterole and contain hardly any sodium, which is helpful when following a low-salt diet like myself.
I don’t eat many nuts, but when I do, I like using walnuts either over my evening salads, in a dressing or in deserts, however, I find that if i eat too many nuts or too often I feel sluggish and low on energy, as nuts contain high amounts of fat despite their benefits. A while back I reduced my consumption of nuts in favour of low-fat, high fruit way of eating. I do also like pine nuts and might use some ground almond powder in some recipes.
  • Almond butter
I am not into consuming nut butters, but I did use organic peanut butter in my ice-creams’ recipes and banana smoothies at the beginning of my raw journey. These days I do not mix sweet foods like fruit with fats like nuts, as I find that is not great for my digestion and elimination. Almond butter, as well as other nut butters can be used in recipes (sweet & savoury) and also spread on some raw crackers, as a snack or a meal. This is a more high-fat way of eating, but as an evening meal that would be good occasionally. I use almond butter in one of my recipe for an evening meal, which will be included in my forthcoming recipe book.
Other things in my cupboard are:
  • Chia seeds
I do like to have it now and again for Omega 3. It is a super food and has a huge nutritional profile (calcium, protein with no cholesterol, manganese, Omega 3 fatty acids, etc.)  and I do feel good when I have chia either in my smoothies, sauces or puddings (look out for my recipes). Those black & white seeds thicken when put in liquid and are great as a thickening agent in recipes.
  • Mixed greens powder
The one I have is Chlorella, which I prefer for its subtler taste. I use it in my green smoothies in the morning when I have no fresh greens available, a sort of emergencies green food. It can also be handy when travelling. It is never a substitute for fresh produce though.
  • Hemp seeds
High in protein and contain all nine essential acids, high in fibre, Vitamin E and trace minerals. It is easily digestable.
  • Flaxseeds
High in protein, contain Omega 3, antioxidant.
  • Carob powder
This is a chocolately tasting powder, which is lovely in ice-creams, smoothies, choc sauces and deserts. I used to use it a lot at the beginning of my journey, now not so much, but I do recommend it in place of chocolate powder, as Carob contains no caffeine. It is also good for your digestion.
  • Dry fruit
I like using raw organic brown apricots in deserts, puddings and smoothies. Apricots contain potassium, fiber, iron, antioxidants and Vitamin C.
  • Dulse
This is seaweed, which I don’t use very often, but it is lovely in some sauces and gives dishes that sea taste. It is good for thyroid, digestion, contains B Vitamins, iron and calcium.
So, should you have these items added to your raw foods collection? Well, my moto is always ‘The simpler, the better’ and I am not a huge fan of mixing a lot of ingredients together, but I am not against individual experimentation especially when you are just starting out and might enjoy being curious about trying new things. No denying that these foods have a lot of valuable stuff in them. If you would like to experiment with different tastes, textures and colours and just observe very closely the benefits (or not) these foods offer your body, then go ahead and try some. Just see how you feel using them intuitively and sparingly. It is all about educating yourself and enjoying a wide variety of interesting ingredients you can use in your food preparation should you choose to. I do recommend you do your own research on multiple benefits of these foods and also any possible side-effects, adverse reactions. Don’t take my word for it, do your homework. There is a lot of literature available on the subject.
Happy Raw journeying and thank you for stopping by.

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