We are many parts


We are not one person. We are many aspects within one being. There are many parts to us and all are equally in need of love and attention. All carry a purpose and a lesson within their manifestation and knowing yourself requires looking at all parts of ourselves.

We all have a child, adolescent, adult, parent, wise self, wounded self, divine self within us. Some of those split into further parts, some perceived as good and others as bad, or positive and negative. The truth is we are all of those and none of them are less or more, better or worse, higher or lower. We are one rich, ancient being carrying a kingdom within us with many parts that play a role in our lives.

From the point of view of the Elements we are all four. We are qualities of Fire, Air, Water and Earth.

From a role…

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New Year’s Eve divination from my ancestors

Рождественские гадания в Челябинской области
1332288 05.01.2013 Участница фольклорного коллектива в селе Хомутинино Челябинской области во время рождественских гаданий. Александр Кондратюк/РИА Новости

My divination techniques and tools are different and new these days in accordance with my nature based spiritual path, however, there is always energy around for me around New Year’s Eve and always will be. It is, one might say, in my blood and memories. Happy memories.

New Year’s Eve for Russians is probably the biggest and the most important celebration of the whole year. I certainly remember waiting for it to come as a child and a young adult, as there was magic, festive spirit of new beginnings and just that turning of the clock event, it all enchanted me and everyone around me. Wonderful times with lots of crunchy sparkling snow and bright frosty days. I was born in Siberia. I will never forget winters there. When I was born it was – 40C, the coldest I ever experienced since. I do miss snow and cold very much around winter time here and memories come back alive of our New Year’s eves. One, in particular, when we got snowed under in our country house and in the morning put our skis on to go to the woods, the only way we could get out. I never in my life experienced such a dark night with such glorious moon and countless stars in thick clusters and of huge size. Pure magic. I will always remember that night sky and us sitting by the fire place inside our small wooden house/cabin. Nothing else existed in the world in that moment.


There are many traditions and customs that go with the New Year’s Eve celebrations in Russia like drinking champagne, certain dishes eaten during the festive meal (a LOT of food) and, of course, fortune telling. In ancient times in Christ worshipping Orthodox tradition in villages young and old alike men and women would gather around to perform what I would now call ‘magic’, however, the aim would always be directed towards the future and finding out things about your future husband, future success and happiness and how to get rid of unwanted people, energies, etc. Relationships seemed to be at the centre of questioning at that time and still are, I would say.

This New Year’s Eve I did my own magic with a releasing SPELL and at midnight I might take out my grandmother’s old deck of playing cards, which she used for divination, and do some fortune telling myself. It is called Cartomancy when a deck of playing cards used for fortune telling. You can find meanings of the cards by clicking on the link above, should you wish to know more, although, I would suspect and my grandmother and I did create some of our own meanings and interpretations with years of practice, as any Tarot card reader would do these days. Intuition is at the heart of magic and psychic workings, therefore can go outside prescribed parameters and certain order, should you wish to practice intuitively.

Happy New Year, my wonderful readers!

Let the Goddess bless you with her gifts and protection for 2016



Online Tarot Cards Readings

Tarot wisdom poster

I work with traditional Tarot decks and also Oracle and Angel cards depending on your requirements and my intuitive inclination at the time. Each reading comes with more than just a reading of cards. It comes with intuitive information and deeper interpretation of the energies around you at the time I do the reading. I incorporate psychology and spiritual aspects into my interpretations and recommendations, therefore providing a more holistic and rounded experience. It goes further than just a spread and interpretation, which means you get a lot more information than you would normally do from a Tarot reading. With each reading I tune into you and interpret everything that comes in at that point. My card readings are intuitive in nature and unique to each individual.
All my Tarot readings are online. I do a reading and present information to you in a written document for you to keep and refer to.  The beauty of written readings is that not only you can keep a copy for your records, but you can read the message again and again and really take your time with the information.


Cat Familiars – A story of Dubh (pronounced Dove) means ‘Black’ in Gaelic Irish

Lydia and I

I would like to share the story of my familiar cat – Lydia. She came into my life about a year ago and the learning I received from her has been rich and wonderful. She has been one of the catalysts in my spiritual development and continual integration of shadow sides of my psyche. She is now about 1.5 years old, so quite young, but so knowing, confident, wise and wild, truly in touch with her natural instincts and deeply knowing of her own abilities and purpose. Such a profound teacher and companion.

For two or three months coming up to the end of 2013 I experienced an extreme yearning for a black cat. The feeling was so intense and all-consuming that I often found myself unable to function or concentrate on daily activities. I was completely overcome by the pulling feeling in my solar plexus, a similar feeling to when you miss someone desperately after, perhaps, losing them. The feeling had a sense of loss and grief to it too. No matter how hard I tried to ignore or eliminate the feeling it came back even stronger. I didn’t know what to do, but I did know I must have that cat. By the time the year was ending I could not imagine not having that cat in my life, but I didn’t know which direction to turn. I was told by many that I must wait for the animal, what seemed like a familiar to turn up on my door step or come to me in other ways. The waiting was extremely hard and once sitting with a client in a garden studio a black cat appeared at the door looking at me for a few seconds through the glass before disappearing. My heart jumped and I remember running out of the house as soon as my work with a client was finished. I was very aware of the desperate feeling to see the cat again, yet it was gone. I also felt that it meant what I am waiting for and looking for is near. It filled me with great excitement, anxiety and even more yearning in my soul.

One of my intuitive friends after I contacted her expressing my feelings about the cat suggested I meditate on the image of the cat I wish to manifest and also consult with my spirit guide to see if they might know if something is coming up for me. I already had a name, which came to me not long before seeing the cat at the studio and I knew exactly what it looked like. I also had a picture of the cat, which I then took to meditate on. Incredible thing happened when I actually looked at the picture, really closely looked at it. What I previously failed to notice was the fact that the cat was in a cage. It was trapped. I had a moment where my heart dropped into my solar plexus as if my power was taken away from me. That’s how the cat felt and that was the reason she could not show up for me. I knew then I had to find and get her out of the cage. I felt things shifting within me, as my focus became clear with the realisation of a needed action.

The following day I sat down looking at rescue cats online, as I had done for months yet not finding any cats either resembling my cat or anything at all. That night straight away the cat picture came up. After months of searching and looking I never came across her before even though I had been on the site many times and I knew at that moment that it was her. Furthermore, she happened to be fostered just down the road from where I lived.

My son, who had been unwell that week suddenly felt better, I distinctly remember him jumping off the sofa when I said I just saw my cat. He became very excited about that particular cat. My son and I are ‘one’ in terms of feeling each other out and being ‘soul close’. That was a sign to me also. Then, my husband, who resisted me having another cat (long story) and always said ‘no’ suddenly went – ‘sure, you can have her, she will keep you company when I am away’ in a very calm manner. I was shocked he said that considering he didn’t want to hear at all about it even the day before. My son was also surprised.

I contacted them and a very kind woman said that the cat came from Ireland and she had a Gaelic name Dubh, which means ‘black’. When I heard that I simply burst into tears. I cried and cried. I have a very close soul connection with Ireland for as long as I remember. It is all about colour green, elves, unicorns, nature, rich mythology and ancient traditions of Celtic paganism, Druids, etc. Remember that client I was sitting with in a therapy studio when a cat came up to the door? Well, the lady was Irish and I liked her very much. We had a real soul connection. There is obviously something in that heritage, which is part of me and I resonate with plus I thought how unusual for the cat to travel quite far to be adopted. I will need to do more research now on Celtic paganism, as this situation is a clear sign that’s where I need to look for some of my roots.

After speaking to a lady on the phone I suddenly remembered my meditation on a cat’s picture where my God and Goddess (my spirit guides), who I love and trust, had the cat already with them, she was already there, BUT there was a clear indication that she was in pain and had gone through some difficulties and needed to rest and heal before I could have her. She was asleep under protection and care of my God and Goddess. Those two are very sweet, like a married couple, very kind. There was Fire there also, which is the energy of transformation and transition. There was also a request from my God and Goddess to send the cat lots of radiance and love. Well, a nice lady told me that the cat just had her operation, which would explain that she was in pain and recovering. She was with my spirit guides resting. How much can change in a couple of days. My cards also pointed towards a union and harmony at the time.

Meeting the cat was nerve wrecking and exciting. I was aware of not breathing. She was very shy, but her eyes said to me ‘take me, learn from me, I am ready to come with you’. My son and I drove off with Lydia.

Her name is Lydia Dubh (black Lydia). The name Lydia came to me a long time ago either in a dream or a meditation and I just love her Gaelic name, which is pronounced as Dove. Doves also have strong associations for me, although it is on the opposite scale of white and being a bird, it makes it even more interesting about this duality, which I have been experiencing. I have been having doves in my visualisation for a long time. Dove to me means harmony and healing and it is very feminine symbol, which would make sense why Dubh would come back to me, as I have been searching for my lost and wounded feminine, so with her in my arms I once again can start feeling that Divine force of sweet, warm and strong feminine energy.

The feelings that she awoke in me struck me like thunder and lightning. She was wild and we had such a power struggle between us with Lydia winning every time. Lots of emotions in my up and down. It was as if a rug was taken from underneath my feet with the intensity of her presence in the house. I was not prepared for it, but it was the whole point to hit me with all the lessons that I asked for and which would transform my life very quickly and very profoundly. Lessons that she taught me involved intense inner child work, learning to let go, reclaiming my feminine sacred power, releasing negative emotions and owning them, chakra rebalancing, shadow integration. It was intense. Lydia felt human to me from the start and it was a gradual process before we became one in the experience of each other. My love and appreciation for her is deep and sacred.

What is your story with your familiar? Remember sometimes we have to go on a journey and take action towards finding something we need and desire rather than waiting for things to happen. Be aware how you feel and what your intuition is telling you to do. There are ways of obtaining and receiving lessons, which are unique to an individual.



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In search of your Brigit – Imbolc celebrations

sacred brigit on Imbolc eve

Imbolc is the first pagan fire festival of the year and the first promise of spring when the Earth begins to stir into life. It is associated with the bride Goddess Brigit (my favourite spelling), Irish Goddess of hearth and home, who comes to me very strongly on the eve of Imbolc. Brigit is the Goddess of healing and inspiration, her presence blessed the Earth for centuries and her sacred fire had been kept alive and cherished by so many before us. Today she is very present for me, as I light a white candle, make my Brigit cross and sit down to draw her face.

This month I go on a journey with her for 30 days doing little exercises every day to tune into her energy and honour her sacred presence during this transitional time. I look at what I am looking to release in order to let myself be born again and what my new being seeks to manifest and also what seeks me. It is the time of rebirth and separating from the familiar and starting afresh. It can be scary yet necessary again and again, as we flow through the cycles of nature and life. With each new cycle we have wonderful opportunities to grow, nothing stays the same and nothing stands still, it is in the movement forward and letting go off what holds us back we experience the flow of life. Our actions, feelings and thoughts create our reality and with conscious awareness of potential growth and flow through all our experiences we live, we manifest, we learn and we find peace and joy.

I go on a journey with her, she takes my hand. it is cool and firm and within seconds I experience being filled with light and when I look at her next to me she is surrounded by a vibrant green light. She smiles and continuing to hold my hand leads me on a path into a forest. I feel happy, enchanted, mesmerised and smiling myself. She takes me into a clearing and sits me down on a tree stump. Then she invites all the animals to come into the clearing and I see my Anton, my primary Totem animal deer and Rufus, the raven. Brigit begins to dance and sing a song of promise and hope, a new beginning. She gently brushes her long, luxurious red hair and with every stroke a snow drop appears on the ground and soon we are surrounded by a lot of them and everything is swirling in a warm energy of Brigit’s dance and flow.

What does she have to offer?

For me Brigit offers inspiration, as her words of poetry and song lyrics flow through me. I am inspired to flow with the energy of creative force and writing becomes a focus. Playing the piano is filled with the energy of letting go off what no longer serves, as I relax my fingers into keys and gently rise and fall with each note, letting go off the sadness of the past and bitterness of pain. My heart wants to open and my wings are calling for a sacred flight with a new. Brigit carries healing and offers gentleness and also an energetic push towards new and exciting. She is both playful, strong and nurturing. She is there to assist my heart in taking flight.

How are you aware of her arrival?

I see red top trees everywhere this week and within the branches I see Brigit moving and swaying in the wind waiting to come out in full sight in all her sacred and beautiful glory to take my hand.

I see birds everywhere and they come in my dreams – water birds mainly and again I hear her soothing voice of gentle feminine.


Visualisation: note down all the qualities that you are aware of within Brigit and think of everything that she represents for you and everything that she has to offer you. Do you welcome her in your heart?  Sit with that awareness of her being and her knowing. Then imagine stepping into her energy and becoming her. You might want to start observing, interacting and even communicating with her to get a clear sense of her essence before stepping into her energy field. She is warm and welcoming and she is here to teach, inspire, heal and guide. There is nothing to fear or worry about, you are free to step on your own path of renewal. Feel what it is like to be Brigit, let her energy spread through your body as a beautiful light, what colour is it? Are you aware of the scent and temperature around you? What is it like to feel as one with the Goddess? Enjoy!

For blessing and healing, leave a piece of cloth outside on a tree for Brigit to bless, as she walks past on the eve of Imbolc.

Blessed Imbolc & wonderful new beginnings!

Imbolc altar

Imbolc Brigit Altar 

Brigit crossBrigit Cross for the home 

Red Jasper – January crystal


There are two crystals and healing stones that come to mind when I think of where we are energetically during the month of January. Garnet is one of them and it is traditionally associated with January, as the month’s birth stone. Another stone, however, that I have repeatedly encountered in my daily experiences and energetic vibrations pick up during this month is Red jasper. I would like to focus on this beautiful stone and explore its healing and guiding properties and see how those can assist us all in where we are now.

As always I would like to encourage you to tune into your own resonant vibration with the stones and information they carry. Material that comes through your energetic bodies from the source, if you like, is always the most accurate for you in a given moment. The way it works is that whatever you are aligning to at a particular moment, i.e. tuning into a particular energy, that energy will communicate information in ways of bringing things to your attention, displaying certain colours and shapes in your awareness. This is what have been happening to me this month of January – Red Jasper.

First of all let’s look at the colour red and its significance to the energy of January. It is red and this colour is of a masculine energy, passion, protection, Fire, setting goals and manifesting with confidence and courage. This is the month of the King.

Re Jasper is an interesting stone, as it bring certain problems to light before they grow bigger, so what it teaches us is to become more aware of your daily encounters, your feelings and behaviours of yourself and others. Be tuned into what you are doing and why. Red Jasper also provides important insights into difficult situations, therefore, it might be a good idea to sit with one of these stones and absorb through meditation its vibrational messages to you. It also has a great calming and balancing energy, so if you tend to feel anxious and worry a lot, it is a great stone to carry around. Let’s see how this might relate to where we are during this time of year. It is a new year, a new beginning, people making resolutions and setting goals. With all these activities there come inevitable worries, doubts and uncertainties about the right way forward. Many ‘go for it’ with confidence and yes, it is great time to align with that masculine energy of ‘doing’. However, many people might be at a point of self-doubt and not being sure about the direction they want to take. Something to think about. What can you do to propel yourself forward. Well, tuning into the energies around you, Fire element and calming, grounding influences of Red Jasper just might give you a helping hand and ensure you are safe and comfortable in moving forward with manifesting your dreams.

Other properties of Red Jasper: it cleans and stabilizes the aura, and strengthens your boundaries. It is also a stone of health and detoxification, which is of high value to many when stepping on a new path or starting a healthy living regime. It supports and heals and associated with the base chakra.

From conscious eating to conscious living

The Spiritual Path

Eating RAW opened up more avenues into healing and consciousness than anything else previously encountered by me in my entire life. The power of a clean body and mind created a space for healing and explanding my spirit. Eating consciously made me pause, contemplate, free up time to observe my emotions and thoughts and ponder on what else is possible. I felt vibrant, still, peacefull and calm for the first time in my life. That is the truth. It started with healing the body and eliminating all symptoms of any illness and conditions I was suffering from for years in a very short period of time. The deeper emotional healing followed and my awareness woke up and started to sharpen. The best thing that ever happened to me! Eating and living consciously is a wonderful way of being where everything and anything is gently observed with no judgement or control and it turned out to be a wonderful navigational tool to my own ‘darker’ places, which needed attention and healing. What followed was the deep connection with other beings on this Earth, animals, birds, plants, water, soil, rain – all things NATURE. It was the opening into my religion, which is nature in all its glory, mystery, wisdom and magical healing and guiding abilities.

I encourage you to start your journey towards living consciously starting with foods you choose to put in your body, which is a beautiful vessel,  a carrier of your precious soul and all of its gifts.

Choose consciousness, choose a different life, a life that you are meant to live.

Try Raw food eating for 30 days and see if you feel any different. Grow in health, grow in consciousness.

Raw Food Recipes

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